Social Club Misfits – Us Lyrics (feat. Rey King)

It’s us
Yeah, they should call us the “Febreze Brothers”
Because it’s feeling so fresh right now

[Verse 1: Martymar]
They tell me life is what ya make it
But my steps are bein’ ordered, somebody call a waitress
Eatin’ breakfast when it’s dinner
Make sure to make for cages
I be runnin’, I be runnin’ just to cover all my bases
Protect the ones you came with and a family that’s at home
That’s just real life stuff that ya gotta know
I feel like David about to throw
Like a quarterback
Alright, I draw pics when I autograph but lately
I’ve been fallin’ back because I don’t wanna die of a heart attack
I mean, I be goin’ so hard, I be doin’ my job
And I do what I love but don’t get it twisted, I loosen it up
You wanna be great? Don’t compare yourself
And just do what you do
I love God, love people
Never losin’ the view
And I’m scatting on tracks like “scoo-ba-dee-doo”
And we made it this far
And yo, who would’ve knew?

[Hook: Rey King]
Oh yeah
Somebody tell ’em that it’s us again, oh
Somebody tell ’em that it’s us again, woah
And they don’t know who they up against, oh no
Somebody tell ’em that it’s us again
It’s us again, it’s us again, it’s us again, it’s us again

It’s us again, it’s us again, it’s us again, it’s us again

[Verse 2: Fern]
I used to be at work with my dogs, smoke with my cuz
Drink ’til I hurl, always way past the buzz
X-Pills had my eyes rollin’ back up in my skull
They asked me, “Paint a picture”, take a listen how I was
Hollywood, the place where I resided since ’85
Told my parents I wanted to be pilot, I was gettin’ high
I got accustomed at that point, I was just gettin’ by
I caught a habit of havin’ ounces of pearly white
That girly right, that get outta school early
That straight off the brick, snow whiter than New Jersey
All I ever wanted, make some dollars, buy mama a house
That put her up in the condo, I bought my mama’s house
Ever since the ’80s I been in the South
Dreamin’ bout Mercedes, Maseratis, and a suede couch
Dope boys, dreams deflated, I caught a sentence
Best thing ever, it led me to my repentance


Cashier: ¿Hola, como estás?
Customer: Ah y estoy bien, como tú está?
Cashier: Bien, gracias ¿Cómo le puedo ayudar?
Customer: Tú sabes qué, ti a mi café con leche
Cashier: Okay

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