Sports Team – Margate Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Leaning out
The sun roof on your car
It’s alright
You’re not going fast
You take it down to the shore
It’s alright
I’m sure you’ve been there before

Turn and say the service here is –
Pour another shot of self-indulgence, I insist
I didn’t catch the meaning, I knew exactly what you meant
Unkempt rhododendrons
Ruin an extraordinary view
There’s knowledge and the knowing
But the knowing’s falling through

Sun damage
Might manage
On and on

[Verse 2]
Crashing out
On someone else’s lawn
Sleep outside
To see the [?] at dawn
It’s alright
I turn those back barns (?)
Steely Dan
Those stickers drive your home

And all this time I realised I knew
Nothing of the people who exist beyond the wall
The upkeep must be dreadful
But it’s not their fault at all
Frequently, your comments call the people what they are
Whistle as you edge around the issues at the bar

Sun damage
Might manage
On and on

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