Sprung Monkey – Dead Lyrics

(Steve Summers)
open up your eyes and try to see now
because it’s a long dark road you turned to go down
but you just wanted to try to taste a small piece of the high
well was it everything you expected
there it is silence in my head again
like a bullet in your head it’s bound to kill you
and like a modern day judas it will betray you
it’s more than just some sweet ambrosia or some magic pill to kill the
pain this vicious doctor is going to cure you just close your eyes and
just wish it away
there it is silence in my head again

slowing down the dripping faucet is getting louder slowing down, melt
now i’m tired of hearing you say that it’s under control and that it’s
really not much
while you f*ck your friends yeah you f*ck your friends and still
you’re telling me what
cause there’s the eyes that lie and there’s the eyes that try but still
you’re telling me what as the drool is running down you’re face you
keep telling me what
well listen to me
there it is silence in my head again
dead- flatline

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