Stephanie – A Song For You Lyrics

You are my love
I must have been touched by an angel
kami-sama ga kureta
kakegae no nai Treasure
More than just words there’s so much I wanna show to
Just look into my eyes and you’ll realize
Baby I love you
Here’s a song for you

You are my all
tooku de sugoshita yoru mo
I fall asleep to dream of you
itsudatte You are with me
Loving you so
Sometimes I just don’t know what to do

But now I’m gonna pour my heart out to you
Every word is true
Here’s a song for you

itoshiku omou kimochi wa hibi sodatsu
You are truly every second of my life
utau yo For you…

itsuka wa
minareta kono hoshizora mo
toki ga nagarereba kawari yuku mono darou
One thing I know
koko ni ikiru Precious love
doko made mo kawaranai yo
This I promise you
Here’s a song for you

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