Stephen Hawking’s Family Donates his Ventilator to a Hospital for COVID Patients

Stephen Hawking’s Family Donates his Ventilator to a Hospital for COVID Patients


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The acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking’s family donated his ventilator to a hospital which treated him in Cambridge, the English university city where he lived and worked, to support care for patients with COVID-19. The scientist died at the age of 76 in March 2018 after spending a lifetime investigating the universe’s origins. At age 21, he was diagnosed with a rare early inception type of motor neuron disease.

Hawking himself bought the medical equipment, the BBC reported and added it to the hospital’s fleet after checkups. In March Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on manufacturers to help manufacture thousands of devices in the face of a possible shortage of ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients in Britain. The first of new devices make numbers also boosting by imports, enabling the state-run health service to manage all patients during most of the pandemic who need ventilation.

The government of the United Kingdom has faced criticism over its purchase of medical ventilators. This is after it emerges that the country is avoiding. It is in a bulk buy scheme around the European Union.

There are 763 new deaths from coronavirus announcing on Wednesday. It brings the total number of those who died in hospital after contracting the virus to 18,100. The actual death rate estimates to several thousand higher than is publicly showing. This is so far, including those who die in nursing homes and at home.

Also, the daughter of the mathematician, Lucy Hawking, described the treatment. Also, she said the treatment provided at the Royal Papworth by her father as “brilliant, committed and caring,” she said.

So, Hawking himself purchased the medical equipment. Also, the reports add to the hospital’s inventory after checkups.

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