Steve Aoki & Yellow Claw – End Like This

feat. RUNN (Arknights Soundtrack)

I made a promise,
I swore I’d keep
All that I wanted
Was to find something to live for,
Something to stand for
And if I die for what I believe
Then this was worth it,
and all the hurting is only memory

I’m up against the edge, but I won’t run away
The sky is turning red, but I still got my faith
I feel it in my bones
Yeah, I think I’ve always known
It would end like this

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
It would end like this

I won’t say I’m sorry,
you’ve made your choice
We’re not so different, are we?
I hear your voice inside me,
Yeah, you remind me
To keep on fighting with all my heart
Just like you told me,
Nothing can stop me from getting what I want.


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