Stoneman – Neverforce Lyrics (feat. Bruhmanegod & Runningfades)

I wanna not, bitch
Why do you talk shit?
I want a watch (no Tik Tok)
No Tik Tok, trick
I got a job
And I f*ckin’ hate it
I don’t got bars
I want a patient
I want a war wit’ y’all
I want a piece
I jus’ wanna talk
Stomp on ya’ feet
I’m in the club, and I’m happy
I jus’ cheated the confines and got a

[Verse 2: fades]
Gettin’ rich before I’m signed off this scammin’ shit
Said what’s yo’ account and routin’ number, I’ma handle it
Snatch my old girl back from a model, feelin’ scandalous
Grab the bottle [?]
Off of these drugs, pray that my heart stop
New it boy, 20-year-old heartthrob
Gotta hit Chase at 9, set my alarm clock
Treat you like an ass, call me running fades Farquaad, ayy

[Verse 3: STONEMAN]
Write these lines on me
Scribble through my arteries
Awake, f*ckin’ finally
Wait a lot of time and then you’ll break
Why you hard to see?
Make it f*ckin’ known that you will snake
Can’t go spitefully
I’on take no pleasure in these games
When I go I’ll go in flames
This rusty chain
Wrapped around his f*ckin’ brain
It’s hollow stain
No, Hollow Knight, I pulled the stakes

You in my way
Tryna work with burnin’ rubble
Made a place
Why the f*ck you want my plates?
I’ll run the gates
Bite through his face
I miss the mace

[Verse 4: fades, STONEMAN, BRUHMANEGOD, & fades]
I stand there, arms crossed, yo’ banter don’t get to me
You a lil ass boy, your shooters ain’t shit to me
I ain’t number two, like is you shittin’ me?
Special message, I’ma let Pete Pistol speak
Pull up in the CT, like where Bristol be?
Vivi on my knuck’s, yo’ face all crystally
Shut the f*ck up why you keep bitchin’ me?
Big fat slut over here tryna kiss on me

[Bridge: BRUHMANEGOD, fades]
f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you
f*ck you (f*ck you), f*ck you (f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you), f*ck you
f*ck [?]

[Verse 5: fades]
Bitch bolt down
My cakes up
Run this shit back
Can’t wait up
I move fast
I take dubs
Used yo’ bank
Then snaked ya’
Noosed out, stringin’ me
Reaper bringin’ me
New man entering
Shaved my head
I feel like Brittany
I feel like Brittany
Got new meds
That Alpal gettin me
Is you shittin’ me?
Like, is you kidding me?
I make history, yeah

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