Summer Walker Responds To Backlash After Posting Photo Of Her Baby

Summer Walker is responding to backlash over her parenting skills.

New mom Summer Walker is trending on social media this morning (May 26) as critics attack her over her parenting skills. The singer came under fire after posting several pictures of her and her three-month-old daughter on Instagram. While the infant’s face was covered, fans believed she was noticeably skinny.

Several persons in the comment section began to comment on the baby’s appearance and questioned what Summer was feeding her. Summer is a vegetarian and has shared questionable opinions on parenting, breastfeeding, formula, and the general feeding of children in the past.

The criticism of the photos has now made its way to Twitter, and the R&B artiste is now trending on the platform, with many persons expressing concern for the baby’s wellbeing.

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One Twitter user said, “Lord please help summer walker poor girl about to kill her baby cause she don’t have a clue.”

Another user also called for intervention, writing, “I want Summer Walker arrested and that baby taken away from her IMMEDIATELY!”

An earlier post on Summer’s Instagram story showed her baby’s bottle alongside a pack of hemp seeds, honey, mushrooms, half a lemon, and a liquid in a dark-colored bottle. Critics have assumed that she has the baby on a vegan diet. However, the “Girls Need Love” songstress has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

The honey, in particular, had many people confused, as it’s common knowledge that babies should not consume honey due to the risk of botulism.

One social media user called out Summer for neglect, saying, “They say (as in doctors and health care professionals) say you should NEVER give a baby under one honey and do not recommend it for babies under two….so like that is neglect idc idc idc.”

Despite the backlash, research has shown that a well-balanced vegetarian diet can provide for the needs of children. However, extreme caution must be taken to ensure that the child’s needs are met, and growth monitored. Attention must also be paid to nutrient intake, specifically protein, essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins B12 and D. Supplementation might also be necessary.

Addressing the heat she is now receiving, Summer Walker took to her burner account to post this message: “Yall: POST THE BABY B**CH WE WANNA SEE! also y’all: roasting a baby who’s face you can’t even see. lol make it make sense. In conclusion mf’s is weird and I will never post my baby so stop asking.”

CPS after watching Summer Walker feed her baby eggshells, tree bark & cherry stems:

— Rachel. (@_loveRachel_) May 26, 2021

The way Summer Walker casually feeding her baby air w/ a side of grass & Drake healing from his bbl to hop in another relationship w/ a yt life alert member? These celebs are truly sumn else…

— Rachel. (@_loveRachel_) May 26, 2021

Am I the only one who didn’t know Summer walker already gave birth?

— ?????_??????? ? (@Dit22Aphro) May 26, 2021

This whole Summer Walker baby situation is not even funny. Is this not possible negligence? Why are y’all laughing ?

— thee cry baby (@belladonna_bb) May 26, 2021

Y’all in the comments talking about “use common sense obviously she wouldn’t feed her baby that” clearly have never heard anything summer Walker has said bc common sense is one thing she does not have ?.

— marie?? is doing mcat prep and failing (@goldihobi) May 26, 2021

Black Twitter calling CPS on Summer Walker…

— Jermaine (@JermaineWatkins) May 26, 2021

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