Summrs – Packrunner Bitch Lyrics

f*ck you, mane!

B-B-Bimmer M6, baby, it’s just me and you (I’m so done with you, Summrs)
With the crew, I’m sippin’ goop
Smokin’ out the pound, I’m feelin’ loose
She wanna be a Packrunner bitch (Ayy)
Let’s hit Melrose and buy expensive shit
If a bitch f*ck with you then we get lit
She with me, she know that I’m the shit (Yeah, yeah)
Hit licks in my Nike TNs (Ayy, yeah, yeah)
You broke my scale, baby, BMS (Ayy, yeah, yeah)
I get all the lean from CVS (Lean, yeah)
Leave your ex-nigga, he a pest
Buy you what you want, never stress (Never stress)
I just gotta get this off my chest
You the realest and I put that on my set
Babe, let’s take off in a jet
f*ck you mane! (Yeah, ayy, yeah)
She wanna come hop in the coupe, she wanna come ride with the gang
She know that she is my boo, she wanna wear all of my chains
That choppa came with attachments, bitch, you know that I’m havin’ that bang
You the highlight of my life
Bitch, I’m sippin’ dirty Sprite
F&N wit’ a scope, bitch, I don’t really wanna fight

I can’t f*ck with no broke bitch, she ridin’ that dick like a bike (Ayy)
Yeah, pull up, hop out, we slidin’ in that Fisker (Yeah)
Three grams in my wood, I can’t f*ck with no Swishers
I want you, no cap, I’m not a bullshitter
You can be my missus, I can be your mister
We sippin’ on that lean, baby, this is not no liquor
I been gettin’ guap but I need to get richer
I need to get richer
I need to get richer, I need to get richer
f*ck you mane!

She wanna be a Packrunner bitch, Packrunner bitch
Come to my crib and wear all my shit
She wanna take hella trips, buy expensive shit (Yeah)
Packrunner bitch, that’s my Packrunner bitch
Wanna wear all my shit, come to my crib (Yeah)
Suck out my kids, ayy
She wanna eat all my kids, buy expensive shit

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
She wanna be a Packrunner bitch
Wanna be a Packrunner bitch
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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