Summrs – Who’s Better? Lyrics (feat. Weiland)

[Verse 1: Summrs!]
I don't wanna talk, .30 all on me
Glocky be all on me, your bitch all on me
f*ck her in the sheets, pull off in that Jeep
It's just me and this bitch, yeah we two deep
Sippin' on that lean, racks up in my jeans
She treat me like a king, Like who better than me?
Who better than me, Who better than me?
I'm so into you, yeah, you so into me
Bitch I'm off a bean, I can't see a thing
I can't feel a thing, 'cause my heart cold
I need a bitch like my racks, that means you can't fold

[Verse 2: Summrs!]
Green light on that glizzy, put that bitch on go
Countin', hundreds, fifties, and I stay ten toes
Shoutout to my slimes, shoutout to my bros
I won't spend a dime, I know she a hoe
I'm just tryna shine, get expensive clothes
Bitches come and go, this money come and stay
Pull up to your spot and shoot up where you stay
Heard you talking stupid, we could end that shit today
And if I take a L, bitch I got a big K
I don't f*ck with snakes, they only on my coat
I be off that lean, can't look, I need some help
Did this by myself, and my boots say YSL
Katie, that's my baby and I know that you could tell

OG cookie strain and I know that you could smell
She dancing on my dick, got me harder than a shell
Free my slimes out them bars, hope y'all doing well
Bitch I keep a Mac but I make hits off a Dell
And I got them xans, perkies on sale
Zippy or a ounce, ship it through the mail
Bitch I'm a peeper, baby light up the L
Pull up to the scene, all eyes on me
Glocky with the beam, got a glocky with the beam
And I'm with lil Weiland, bitch we on the scene
Shooting up a movie like we shooting Spike Lee
[Verse 3: Weiland]
All these diamonds on my neck, this codeine cost your rent
I can't wife a thot, treat that bitch with no respect
Got a Tec up in the back, I'mma aim it at your neck
Yeah, these diamonds VVS, Yeah, these diamonds they reflect
Yeah, I'm up on your block, riding with a Glock
Watching out for opps, choppa red dot
Aim it at your top, put you on the spot
I be counting guap, model bitches giving top
Number (N)ine jeans, turned into a fiend
Bad bitch off the bean, bad bitch off the bean, yeah
I be off them percocets, yeah
Off the lean, yeah I can't have no sex, yeah
I be off them percocets, yeah

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