Swaco Tha Illest – Lonely Lyrics

What you want?
Yea, I’m up but…Ion know

You just hit me when you’re lonely
And you treat me like a homie
Then switch up and say you want me
But what’s it gon be?
But what’s it gon be? yea
You just hit me when you’re lonely
You want me when you’re l-l-l
You just hit me when your lonely
So what’s it gon be
So what’s it gon be? yea

You’re so here for the moment (for the moment)
You really going through the motions (through the motions)
Don’t give a f*ck bout my emotions (no you don’t)
As long as you’re not the one broken (aye)
Counting all the lies, all the lie that you have spoken
So many late nights where you left me hoping
How many blunts? How many blunts have you been smoking?
To think that you could just go and just leave me out here open
You not stable girl you flakey (girl you flakey)
And my heart you keep breaking (keep on breaking)

You don’t want me let’s just face it (let’s just face it)
You just want me to fill the places (aye)


You hit me up when it’s convenient
Yea you coming, yea you coming and then you steady leaving
Girl I’m sick, yea I’m sick, girl I’m sick of this mistreatment
You just want me for convenience, You just want me for convenience,yea
Guess that’s what I get for being a nice guy
Thought I had a shot, I guess it’s a nice try
Now I’m contemplatin-plating the nighttime, yea
Thinking I stay single till it’s the right time
Got me caught up, caught up I ain’t in the right mind
So all these feelings, these feelings I write down
In the A.M. is when you call-call me(calling)
You act like you just-just want me
But I know that you’re just lonely (you just lonely)
Oh yea, I know that you’re just lonely

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