Swaco Tha Illest – Missed Calls Lyrics

Got so many missed calls
All up in my call log
But yours I’d answer
Just give me the chance ta
Show you who I really am
Girl my love ain’t a scam
Give me yo hand
We can take a walk with them toes in the sand
I’m talking romantic beaches
Baby, I been preaching
That you the one I been seeking
I ain’t trynna keep you a secret
I’ll tell the world
That I fell in love with the most beautiful girl
I’m trynna stimulate you baby, make them toes curl
If you ready for it
I just wanna go to foreign
Countries and go touring
We can do it I’m never boring
I just wanna spend time with you
Ion even gotta go and spend a dime with you
Unless that what you want me do
Then I can
You can be my sugar and I can be yo candyman

We can go have them babies and run off to candy land
Just know I’ll never
I’ll never leave you stran-ded
By your side never leave you aban-ded
Can’t you see you the one I side with
The one I’m trynna go duck and hide with
We can lay up and watch all on the fire stick
On Sunday afternoon
Or listen to some tunes
I can have that p*ssy flowing like a monsoon
We making a movie babygirl coming soon
To your own home theater
Let me go ahead and make the vision clearer
Said we live through all the dreams
Cause you all I see
When I go to sleep
When I go to sleep
Babygirl you don’t gotta fake it
I just hope you went and took off ya makeup
Just call me back whenever you decide to wake up
Whenever you decide to wake up

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