Swaco Tha Illest – Real Love Lyrics (feat. Xay Astro)

Yea yea yea yea
Mmm uh huh
(we’ve never come forward and said we don’t need Kapitol)
Said you want that real love
That real love

Said you never really feel love
So you searching for that real love
He got you all in ya feelings
You wanna mess with a real one
You wanna mess with the real deal
Said he got you in your feel feels
You just want that real love oh yea
You just want that real love oh yea

Real deal (real deal)
Real spill (real spill)
Put the game on you and now you in your feels (you in your feels)
You done had too much for the drank you popped a sip (you popped a sip yea)
Ima pop up won’t be late you know the drill
9 am working I’m still overtime (over time yea yea)
In the game I shine
Take it up another notch (nother notch yea, yea)
All these niggas done played you and your tired (they done just played you yea)
Trynna be the one that put you on your grind (put you on your grind)
Ones, fifties and hunnids (hunnids)
Bounce that shit like you want it (like you want it)
Don’t find me for something
Girl I know you want it
So just put that thang right here (aye aye)

Pop the zip (pop that zip)
Wanna pop up on you
Girl you know you want that real (yea, yea)


Loving ain’t easy (ooo)
Know it’s hard to find somebody that’s pleasing(I know)
Somebody that’s gon hold you down and then meant it
Someone thats gone stay when you think they leaving
I know
I know
That It get hard for a girl like you
Someone so strong with the right attitude
Mad cause you keep messing with these lame ass dudes
So you just rather just sit back and cruise
You don’t want love if that love ain’t the truth
Yea You want affection girl and you also want proof
All of these other niggas you found are just flukes (yea,yea,yea)
Now you got your standards set real high
All these other niggas man they asking for a try
But you just trynna find the right guy
Baby real love just be in disguise
Even Mary j said it’s somethin hard to find
So don’t give up girl you’ll get it in time
Get it in time (yea, yea, yea)
Meanwhile relax yo mind
And realize who really on yo side
Real love might be right in front of your eyes


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