Swaco Tha Illest – Spotlight Lyrics

Bring the bass in
Want that
We want that

We just want the same (we just want the same, same)
Want someone know our name (wanna know our name, name)
We want that spotlight( that spot, spot)
We want that spotlight( that spot, spot)
We all want the same (we all want the same)
They will know our name ( that spot, spot)
We want that spotlight( that spot, spot)

Similar to fireflies
I been taught fight or fly
Yes I took the ladder
But it look like it might Shadder
See they shook the foundation
I’m losing my patience
And a replacement
Is seeming like my pacing
Cause me and this pavement
Done had too many battles
Trynna stop being shallow
But I’m left without paddle
So I’m just sit in my boat
Trynna stay a float
Been asking for help
Seem nobody know
Uh i guess I’m on my own
In the middle of the river man I’m so far gone
That’s drake a drake song
Now they told me I’m the one that they wait on
But in the struggle all I get it a stay strong
Wait that’s bad timing
But I need silver linings

Just for me to go hide in
They dim my bright light when I’m shining
I don’t think I’ll ever find it
Cause the light of the world can be blinding


We all secretly
Need to be
Center of attention
To have everybody mention
Good things we achieved
TMI is tmz
They expose your history
No you left back at the bottom
When they see
Who you be
Is it good enough for the
Want to slit your through man yea we call it the diseases
I ain’t gon act like this shit exempt from me
Me understanding simplicity’s
Don’t make me want to stray
Shit it make Me wanna stay
It’s a tool is what I say
But if I’m just really brave
I’d quit all that shit today
Just to live a life and never be afraid
Of receiving hate
Hoping I get a chance up at heavens gates
I’m just trynna make it out
I mean I’m just trynna take the route
That’s gonna get me to the top
While I am really living
Know that you can see the vision
That’s so very, very vivid
Raven baxter when I spit it
Bat signal when I kill it


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