Swollen Members – Supreme Beings Lyrics (feat. D-Rec)

[Verse 1]: Madchild
I’m still flying high like I’m on PCP
Life’s a grind but I’m coping like a PVP
In the past ‘been known to smash a f*cking TV screen
But now I’m sober, so promoters, they on Easy Street
Yeah, Leader of the dwarf Lords, I’m a demented phantom
They call the kid the little Hulk, I got a temper tantrum
I’m on some b-boy shit, I bust a full flare
We’re blowin’ up like f*ckin Hitler in the Wolf’s Lair
White boy, wish I had a constant tan
Runnin shit like Marky Mark in f*ckin Contraband
I’m a supreme being, your team fleeing ’cause we’re the dream team
Brown brown, take one snort it’s going down down
I’m on another level
You bunch of rubber devils
Iron jawed Angel, I’m insane a f*cking rebel
Every day’s the weekend, take an hour for lunch
Cocky little motherf*cker, pack a powerful punch
Yeah, Madchild, you better stand back man
Cause I’ve been killin’ it since sour keys and Pacman!
Stand above a crooked villain like Batman
S&M it’s going down like that man
Yeah don’t trip, Swollen Members B-A-X-W-A-R put you BWs up!

Battleaxe Warriors worldwide Motherf*cker

[Verse 2]: Prevail
Victorious, decisive
Reprisals from the eyes of Horus
Icy glacier cap raps, Snap the branch in ancient forest
Days before us people walked on all fours, Stalked prey
Hunt to kill, filled the cave for winter cold, there’s no delay
Spring follows, Summer next, Autumn Hex
All of mother nature’s creatures heed the word of Father Time
Your speeches never reach us, now that’s what I call a diatribe
Teaspoons of iodine
Well aligned and now they love to see it all
All they ever do is get me hyper like a room of vipers
Straight out the tomb like Tutankhamun, time to pay the piper
Harming, not your common, operatic patterns break the scale
Mail you a nail bomb
Prevail’s calm, but never fails
Sharp horns and tails, the devil’s in the details
The retail sales are meant for silk screens and ball caps
If this shit was easy, which it’s not, then you’d all rap
My army always marchin’ forward, watch the cowards fall back


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