Sybyr – Piss On The Kitchen Floor Lyrics

[Intro: Onyx]
Take ’em up, take ’em out, bring ’em out dead

[Verse 1: Evil Nigga & Onyx]
I gots one question, where did you get lessons?
I’m just so stressed and I want your blessings (Bring ’em out dead)
Don’t get me wrong, I was fibbing, ha, you just a toilet I piss in, ha
LMAO, LOL, sheesh, bitch I’m just f**king around (Bring ’em out dead)
Piss, piss, piss on the kitchen floor
Blood on my dick and my head feeling broke
This isn’t what you deserve but all I wanna do is handle my urges (Bring ’em out dead)
Evil Nigga gotta bottle the rest
f**k what you thought about passing a test
Drowning every single soul I don’t like under heavy pressure water, without a fight (Bring ’em out dead)

[Verse 2: Sybyr & Onyx]
Sheesh, sheesh, yuh
Yuh, yuh, ayy
I be surely rolling when they talking ’bout they focused (Dead)
Well, don’t bring my shit from two years old and try to say you over me (Bring ’em out dead)
Rational, super-rational, international, you a handful of jokes
Watching me, keep on tailing me, be prepared to meet my true entity (Bring ’em out―)
Nigga child, you do not know me
I don’t think you wanna be skinned meat
I’ma piss on your f**king beanie
Everybody and their f**kin’ mini-mes (Bring ’em out dead)
Time is over, not on my radar
Era been over, getting the paper
CLVN shit, bitch, world empire
No, we are not f**king open for hire

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