Sybyr – Stop Me Lyrics

Turn back if you can, this is not a good track
Turn back if you can
Agh, ayy

[Verse 1]
Better off tryna stop me, from releasing all these plots of mine
I go oh so distant with this motherf**kin brain of mine
Oh no oh so worried if you think of crossing any line
You don’t taste so goodie, you remind me of some wrinkled wine
Yeh I got some lube up in the back, tryna lube ya back
What the f**k is this? Where’d I go, finna bring it back
Anti anti world, nothing else, what the f**k to say?
I ain’t spillin plots, but refrain me from catching a case
My new name is Satan, f**k a Ringe, I’m busy makin cringe
She don’t like no weirdo in her pants, I didn’t take offense
Too bad that I’m climbin through the roof, on no pun shit
Come n skin me up, on my chest, leave a mark bitch
I need me a tally, since I’m salty like a broken dick
Sociopathic energy like I don’t feel a damn thing
Shawty help me mixin with the kicks, while I bite the tits
Damn I need a rinse, strokey strokey, here’s all of the kids

[Verse 2]
Banging out bangin out work, thanks for this f**kin reminder
Sheesh, Ringe ringe ringe, everyday, let it blind ya
Ay, niggas gotta problem, f**kin gut me, get it poppin
Ay, I am from Wisconsin, let it snow, on my island
Ay, still a Yaung Emperor don’t let my words confuse you
Nah, I don’t make no sense, like my head, I got an issue
Ay, demon with my dagger, drag her energy right after
Whoa, trippin with that pussy, I call it the heavy napper
Sheesh, f**k with a nigga like, damn
Speaking da numbers like I got a plan
f**k what you heard about gettin the bands
Bruisin myself cause I do what I can
Ay, rowdy nigga gotta Nut
Don’t be afraid to go plug it in butt
Call me the demon that stuck in the mud
I call you my bitch you remind of pugs
Ugh, why did you piss on my bed?
Sheesh, I love when you turnin all red
Nah, I love when you think of me dead
Yeh, imagine when we givin head
Wait, CLVN at the show n we break shit
What the f**k is a love I don’t think shit
I’mma demon n demons don’t love shit
If you count your destruction then f**k it


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