Sybyr – Unrelatable Mess Lyrics

Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh
Ayy, yuh, ayy, ayy

Sometimes I jus’ wanna rip my vocals out my neck
Sheesh, mostly I don’t like to f**kin speak ’cause y’all a mess
Sheesh, most the shit I like is highly unconventional
f**k, you don’t f**kin’ get me and it always piss me off
No, I ain’t depressed but I feel like just not breathin’, right
I could make a start and go the f**k to sleep, like every night
Tend to f**kin’ yodel every second that I’m f**kin’ ‘wake
Talk about so distant, I’m not here so we could both relate
Runnin’ up out of breath, reaching new lows, hence, why I’m f**ked in the head
All of these damn questions ’bout my existence, sorry that I’m not dead
You gon’ do put up with the left shit, dumb bitch, I don’t f**kin’ care about karma
Stupid, every day I wake up with the same shit
Nah-nah, every week I’m up inside the same roof, not lit
Any beat I’m touchin’ isn’t worth it, it gets ripped
f**k what you like, I’m not mommy or daddy
Bitch, I go left on a verse very promptly
Shit, I’m just tired of bleh-bleh-bleh
f**kin’ drink my piss, stop drivin’ out my brain cells
Forget about this goddamn Syringe
“What the f**k is you on?” Bitch, I’m on oxygen
Satan is marvellous, get off my carcass, ayy

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