Sybyr – Xqv Lyrics

[Verse: Evil Nigga]
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
I got you, you f**k
I got you, f**k, f**k
I’m finna f**k your ass, ho
Yeah, I’m finna f**k your life up
Motherf**ker, what do you want?
Bitch, I’ll break their ears
All of a sudden motherf**kers drop
Beat it up just like the f**king crack
Stupid ass nigga, what the f**k you want?
Taking all your clout and all your shit
f**king him up for the fun of it
Yeah, I am deranged, bitch (Ayy)
f**k, I’m finna float from the ceiling (Ayy)
What in the f**k did you say? (Ayy)
Look at this f**ker in the face (Ayy)
You can’t even look at my face (Ayy)
You can’t even look at my face (Ayy)
What do you think I should do? (Ayy)
Bitch, I’m not one to stop (Ayy)
Yeah, ah, I’m so f**kin’ sick of all this shit
Whatchu thinkin’?
And you’s a joke, what a hard bitch, I’m laughin’ too (Woo!)
If I had a f**kin’ sense I’d use it, too
I don’t give no f**ks, I’ll erase you, bitch (Right now I’m talking)
I don’t even want your tweets, yeah, you stupid (Ayy)
Never again, bitch (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m insane, your bitch on my high horse
Bitch, I’m in hell again
Bitch, I’m in hell again, f**k
Devil? Useless motherf**ker, what you tryna do to me?
What you tryna do to me?
Nothing new, jealousy, run your motherf**king shit
Dummy nigga, load a f**king clip
Looking at me like a stupid bitch
Talking to me like a silly bitch
And like what you gon’ do?
You ain’t gon’ do any shit to me
You ain’t gon’ do a damn thing
You are not gon’ do a damn thing
You are not gon’ do a damn thing
I finna take your clout
Stupid bitch, you don’t need it
Finna take it, you don’t need it
I’m finna take it when they know I’ma fiend like a bitch
Copy nigga, I’m rootin’, know you poppin’ nigga
A coffin, nigga, I’m a rootin’ on your coffin, bitch
Stupid ass nigga

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