Sybyr – Yikes Lyrics

Yeah, I’m f**kin, I don’t give a shit…
Ayy, ayy

I could be like demons too. But I’m physical like abuse
I could beat ya f**kin head in, with a tooley, like a tool
I don’t want nothing to do
I don’t nothing want to do
Just the f**kin’ thought of you
I’m gon’ throw you across the room
Take another L in for the week, f**k a talk
Beat a bitch until she never f**kin speaks, with a tweak
Any day, double deckin’ with the mental never helpin’
Never ever gonna take it not again, you’ll know the pressure
Hand over neck you like chokin’, ayy
Forcing my dick in the open, ayy
Ever felt rape in the morning, ayy?
If not okay, then I show ya, ayy!
Feelin my rage as I stroke it, ayy
I don’t say f**k, I say pokin’, ayy
I see the tears on her gorgeous face
Feelin like I’m in her organ ayy!
Savin my money like mortgage, ayy!
No spending on an abortion, ayy!
I’m close to finish, I floor it, ayy!
Fakin’ smiles I adore it, ayy!
f**k all that cuddling obviously
Couple a gropes then I’m off to the seas
Nothing to say, you a toy that I squeeze
Only a bitch that I use when I’m free
If there’s a problem, you talk to my dick
Kiss it hello, while you gouging the piss
Wastin my time, I’ma double my chips
Try to come at me, my knee is a fist

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