Sza – Hiiijack Lyrics

Go forth, spread the news
I’m a little late
Go on, cut the rope
I know you hate it
Two knives, no fork
Wonder who’d make it?
I lose for you, I choose for you

Gun fighting
Fatality, boy
Hell fire, boy
I stay for eternity

For you, for you
For, for you I stay
For you, for you
For, for you I

Sometimes I keep you in my mind

Sometimes I let you go up high
I’m using everything I find
Do anything to keep you tied up
Tied up

Stationary, birds await
Small canary, princess
Young savage girl, lost among the lily pads
One road no choice, I’ve given you this
Move moons for you, I choose to do it


[Chopped & Screwed Voice]


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