Taylor Swift Lashes Out at Big Machine Records Over Live Performances

Taylor Swift Lashes Out at Big Machine Records Over Live Performances


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Thursday night, Taylor Swift blasted her former label, Big Machine Records, over her plans to release a compilation of her live performances.

Swift said the song, called “Live From Clear Channel Stripped 2008,” is a recording of a radio show appearance she did while she was 18 years old and was expected to be released in 2017. Swift had been with Big Machine Records since the beginning of her career in 2006 when she launched her self-titled song, but in 2018 when Swift signed a contract with Universal, she and the company broke down.

The previous year, Taylor Swift wrote in a Tumblr post. It is after years of struggling to own the master’s recordings for her first six studio albums. Also, she wanted to leave the label. She states she gives the rights to her master recordings. This is if she signs a new deal with Big Machine, and that she gains the rights to her old albums. Also, one at a time under the proposed new arrangement, “one for each new one” she turned in.

If a holding group headed by talent manager Scooter Braun purchased the company in 2019, Swift claimed. Braun, which manages artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato, had intimidated her. Last November, Swift repeated her claims against Braun, saying he wouldn’t let her perform a medley. It is of her hit songs to celebrate becoming named Artist of the Decade at the American Music Awards. This is during which the record label decides to license her older music for the event. Big Machine Records. Also, had previously denied its interpretation of the contract. Further, did not respond immediately to the request for comment by NBC News.

Swift said she expects to rerecord the masters of her previous songs in August.

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