Te Dness – 7am Out Of Town Lyrics

I-I just, I just hope it ain’t too heavy on the heart

Still effortless, I’m still the best at this
Rap’s still my preference in search of musical eminence
I changed my etiquette, based on establishment
6FM, you little niggas ain’t established yet

Lil brodie in that Ford Focus, clutch burning
Just tryna see a mill before he touch thirty
I came in late when I had to be up early
Too much time invested in niggas that weren’t trustworthy but

(Yeah) I play the game, don’t change my friendships
I hope when you jump out to go shopping
She pull your glove compartment to check your paper work that we’re paying rented
Cah my G, you know how that goes

She be in the groupchat chattin’, darg, I got my groove back rappin’
Little man in jail now it’s steady but the food back slangin’
If I hit ’em with my new trap shit
Then I might just have the youts back dabbin’

But I’m tired of the lies, I’m tired of these tings
I’m tired of the time and how it flies when you blink
I’m tired of my life G, how do you think I feel
My little daughter reaching for my trap line when it rings

I change my mood and shit’s tense again
I wonder what the pastor did with uncle’s ten percent
Frequent flyer, I ain’t chilling on the ends again
Gave Warner more even though G just wanted ten percent

I’m tryna move my mother to an island with some seashells
She frets over my brother but we both know she means well
You know how many times I’ve prayed my bro won’t have to see scales
And only experience this trap shit through my street tales

But you ain’t spoke to God in months so how you managing?
You fake your faith for 140 characters
While all these sleepwalkers scream “woke”
The rich just getting richer, that mean everybody else just staying broke

These rappers came off tour and they got rich
Fam, I came off tour right back to this block shit
None of my fans are in these crowds, I been tryna get about
My plug my best friend but he can’t help me make my mother proud

Imma still need 36 on the 18, daughter need daycare
There’s dirty bricks in my daydreams, getting dirty money
I’ll go broke if I stay clean, the system don’t play fair
Bro, my portion’s smaller than fine dining at Mayfair, woo!

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