Thutmose – Innocent Lyrics

Why you acting innocent
Girl u know u bad bad, Girl u bad bad
Treat your body like a instrument
Don’t u fret I know u like that, know u like that
Girl why you acting innocent
When u know that u bad bad bad bad bad yeah
Girl why u acting innocent why u acting innocent oooo

[Verse 1]
She like to roll J smoking blunts on the weekends
Body like a Benz swear that p*ssy undefeated
Gave it to me once had me hooked had me feening
Now I’m back for seconds put my bib on while I eat it

[Pre Chorus]
Well done that kitty well done mhmm

Hair done u you got ur nails done mhm
Get one I’m that T pain sprung mhmm
Hold on baby just hold on mhmm


[Verse 2]
Talking to the bad boys riding round in Europeans
Louis on your back u ain’t got no competition
Girl I got what u need lemme give it to ya
All these racks in my pocket imma spend it on ya
Once we start to freaking guarantee that I ain’t leaving (x2)
Back it up on me
Give it me slowly
Love it when you hold me
Love it when you hold me

[Pre Chorus]


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