Tinsley Ellis – Circuit Rider Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m a circuit rider
Go from town to town
Healing people’s sickness
When I make my rounds
Call me the preacher
Listening will do you well
Desperately they call me
To teach them all about sin
If I don’t get you well
You don’t have to toss the court
I know you got a burden
Delivery for you
I’m a circuit rider
Good book in a case
I work in darkest hours
Nighttime is my domain
I don’t need no fire
A brimstone that’s for sure
When it comes to loneliness

You know I’ve got the cure
Just another soul
In another town
There’s a voice in the wilderness
Listen to it now

[Verse 2]
If you don’t see the preacher
It might just do you in
To live a youthful loneliness
Teach you all about sin
You don’t get with the preacher
It might just mean a curse
One thing I can promise you
It’ll go from bad to worse
I’m a circuit rider
I’ll leave before the dawn
My work is done here
I’m off to another town

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