Tony Pain – No Way Out Lyrics

As a younging i was picked last
I ain’t really go to class
Everytime im in the class
Teacher always on my ass
Talking how i’ll never pass
So i started chasing cash
Then i got me a bag
Getting money really fast
On the block flipping dope
I ain’t really had no hope
Grew up living in this hole
Smoking blunts just to cope
Back of the 39
Thinking whats soon be mine
Time ticking , flying by
Sitting , writing down these rhymes
I don’t want a nine to five
Steady ducking 25
Tryna make it alive
My young boy doing time
Remember nights without a cent
Thinking where the time has went
Started to think it wasn’t meant
I hate how i need to vent

[Verse 2]

Wake up making moves and shit
Thinking what to improve and shit
My moms won’t approve of it
But f*ck it man I’m doing it
This Basement feel like hell
All this work i done sell
Probably put me in a cell
I was down , i never fell
Give a f*ck bout what i felt
Young nigga chasing wealth
Didn’t care nothing else
I needed time to myself
All the work i done copped
Thinking shit has to stop
Before a nigga get knocked
Tired chilling on the block
Tired watching out for the ops
But i need a new watch
And i need a new spot
My fam need a few knots
So i got my hustle up
Took a loss , doubled up
Bricks in the duffle but
Its hell in this jungle bruh

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