Top Authority – Pop Him Lyrics

[Verse 1: Flex]
Ootin' 'caine ain’t my thang that shit don’t phase me
I’m a nigga behind the trigger that was born crazy
Brought up (?) in Flint and makin' a livin' on the block
Slangin' rocks, 'til my spot got hot
That’s when I had to pop a cop
Caught him in my hood so he was as good as dead
A bulletproof vest might stop a wound to the chest
But not the f*ckin' head
I’m raising the pump they facing the lead and letting the bodies stack up
f*ck giving a punk that’s caught with a tenth for calling backup
'Cause was to put his ass on the 10 o’clock news
Shoot him out of his shoes and make sure he pays dues
That’s what you get when you f*cking with me g

Put me in jail I’ll make bail
'Cause you and your f*cking family
You just like any mother from the streets
You got heat I got heat now let’s see who ends up 6 feet
But he didn’t last
No copper’s never lasted
The gun shot blasted and left his ass in a closet casket
He wasn’t quick enough so the nine went bang
Blew out his f*cking brain and left his family full of pain
Cause where I’m from it ain’t thing to leave a cop dead on the spot
Even niggas talking shit, they be quick to get got
Cause I have to drop him first before he drop me
Now you understand why I had to kill a man
[Verse 2: Shotgun]

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