Trocadero – Blood Gulch Blues Lyrics

Church:(You know what you could bitch about anything couldn’t who.
We’re about to get a tank and your’e worried about chicks. What chicks are we going to pick up man! And secondly how are you going to pick up chicks in a car that looks like that?)

Simmons:(You ever wonder why we’re here?)
Grif:(It’s one of lifes greatest mysteries isn’t it? I don’t know man but it keeps me up at night.)

Roses are red
And violets are blue.
One day we’ll cruise down
Blood Gulch avenue
It’s red versus red
and blue versus blue
It’s I against I
and me against you

Sarge:(I like it, got a ring to it)

Violets are blue, roses are red
living like this we were already dead
Church:(What is that music!!!…Im going for the jeep, cover me)

Hop in my car
it don’t have any doors
It’s built like a cat
It lands on fours
Grif:(I think it looks more like a puma)
My car’s like a puma
it drives on all (simmons) ONE, TWO, READY, THREE

Simmons:(SON OF A BITCH)
Grif:(SON OF A BITCH!!!!!)
(THis Doesn’t seem physically possible!!!)
Tucker:(Holy f*ck, you team killing f*cktard)
Simmons:(You back-stabbing cock-bite)
(Is this guy a retard?)
(That Doesn’t seem physically possible)

Red versus red
Blue versus blue
Church:(I could blow up the whole god damn world with this thing)

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