True Faith – Perfect Lyrics

You are… Perfect (2x)

Changing hues, the change of season
Will leave you no clues
As desperation spreads within a broken soul
Life leaves you feeling dead
But just like Mathis singing
On a low-down Sunday afternoon
The blues split apart
All me sense departs
As I see you come into view
Baby, as I look into your eyes
Ooh, you’re perfect
Judging from the way you make me high
Ooh, it’s worth it

Perfect, it’s everything you are to me
Perfect, and everything I am to you

Crossroads and bridges
We come through a lot of trying stages
Our love sets us free from the realms of
Our own self-made cages

Rain fallin’ down
Seems like it could last for years
Drowning me down
Drowning in a sea of tears

And littled did I know
That someone could set my soul free

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