Trump Accuses China Wishing for His Loss in Re-Election

Trump Accuses China Wishing for His Loss in Re-Election


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US President Donald Trump said China would “do whatever it can” to cause him to lose his campaign for re-election, ramping up his critique of Beijing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with Reuters news agency in the White House, he said Beijing faced the outbreak with a “lot” of possible consequences from the US. He said China should have just let the world know much earlier about the contagion.

Mr Trump has also accused himself of not doing enough to address the situation. The coronavirus has devastated a previously humming US economy which had been the key selling point for the president’s November re-election campaign. Mr Trump, who waged a trade war with China, didn’t offer any specifics on how he could act against Beijing.

The Republican President retorted he believes Beijing wants to win in November’s election his likely Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Mr Trump also said that he was sceptical about the data that Mr Biden was going to win.

Earlier in the day, US media announced that Mr Trump exploded last Friday evening. This is at political aides on internal polls, showing him losing in crucial states. His aides have concerns as to whether Mr Trump can win key battlegrounds such as Florida, Wisconsin and Arizona. This is while some of his re-election staff, according to the Associated Press news agency, have all but given up hope of victory in Michigan.

The president of the United States has recently also yelled at his campaign manager, Brad Parscale. He had called in from Florida. According to CNN and the Washington Post, he cursed Mr Parscale. Also, at one point discussed suing him although it is unclear how serious his threat of legal action was.

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