Trytan – Waking The Giant Lyrics

Crusin' over the borders while the giant guards the sea
You've caught your big foe sleepin' and he's clothed in liberty
You wound the worlds defender, the harbour's filled with blood
You demand the world's surrender, you don't realise what you've done

He raised his angry arm to defend those who are weak
To fight for those who aren't free
He stands and turns to fight while your shootin' right for his heart
And you realize that you are

Waking the Giant
Waking the Giant
The dark One's defient
Waking the Giant

It's an old age war and we're not fighting flesh and blood
The giant's still there sleeping
Could he be the only one?

Who will raise his angry arm
Will he hear the silent scream to fight for those who can't see
Will you stand and turn to fight while we're shooting right for your heart
We realize that we are

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