Twisted Insane – The Nothing Lyrics

I used to be filled with no doubt at all
Tried to win, its only drown to fall
Everyone told me I'm bound to fall
Fell in, now that's when I doubt they call

Slept under bridges for months
Nowhere to go, I was f*cked
I looked at time, so im stuck wit No family
No money, No homies , Im shit outta luck

So what? Life is tough

Tried to talk shit, but im off the bottle
When I get sick, I turn knots for auto
Yelling ambitious, go mano y mano
We can get Lit in this here McDonalds

People tell me I could make it, if i would switch up and give up on this horror shit

Them is the same ones whom ain't nevеr been in that padded room off of that Thorazine

And I can go on and on about the dark
Lifе but I'm sleeping nights up at da park

Everyone stuck a knife up in my heart
Now I just stick to biting, I don't bark

No one to hang when they say that chu brazy
Better off by my self, I stay wit 38
I hit the streets, bitch I've never been lazy
f*ck all that peace, I want cheese and da gravy

So many nights I dun spent on da bathroom floor

With that blade to my wrist, I was glad to go

Had to stop myself, my kids was at the door
I don't want them to find me dead at this bowl

I'll just send my memo
Ain't no sentimental

Ill break ya denim
Nigga f*ck a change

I dun black out
All i think about is people on the net saying "f*ck da brain"

Nigga f*ck the fame
Sick is in my brain

Not a mutha f*cka wanna bet on me

I was living life way up on da edge
They gun prolly find me dead up in da street

Ain't no f*cking sheet, Life is over wit
People dropping dead off this Covid shit
Maybe I won't make it out this horror show
Maybe I will end up on the floor sick

So I write this letter, like sorry i had to go

But then i had thoughts of my kids, waking up in the morning like where did my daddy go?

So I made a choice, I'ma stay
And help them all out wit they grades

But that's in the day

Cuz when the sun goes down I stay
Giving them all razorblades

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