Two Cats Infected with Novel Coronavirus in New York

Two Cats Infected with Novel Coronavirus in New York


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The novel coronavirus has infected two cats in New York, federal authorities reported Wednesday. Each had minor respiratory problems, and they are expected to recover completely.

The agencies stressed that there is no proof that pets play a role in transmitting coronavirus in the US.

According to authorities, the two cats screen since showing respiratory symptoms and they enter the ranks of eight lions and tigers infect at a New York zoo. A veterinarian examines the first house cat after showing mild breathing symptoms but none of the people in her household reports to have the virus. It is likely, officials state, that someone outside the home had poisoned the animal. Anyone inside the building may have transmitted the virus, too, with mild to no symptoms.

Cat Displays Respiratory Disease

The second cat examines in a remote region of New York, after displaying symptoms of respiratory disease. The cat’s owner screened Covid-19 positively before the cat got sick, yet another cat in the household has shown no signs of illness.

Although officials are still discovering more about coronavirus and animals. The CDC recommends that people restrict contacts outside the household. It is between their pets and persons or animals. Cats to be indoors whenever possible, the CDC states. Also, dogs exercise on a leash, with all people and animals at least six feet away. The agency states dogs also avoid public areas. It includes dog parks, where a large number of people and animals gather.

This is if someone is ill with Covid-19 either suspect or confirmed. Officials suggest having another pet care member in the household. If this isn’t practical, people will wear facial cloth coverings around animals. Also, ensuring they wash their hands before and after any encounters. So when people are sick, authorities ask their pets would refrain from petting or snuggling. Also, stop hugging or licking.

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