U.S Government Pays $970,000 to Trump’s Company for Room Rentals

U.S Government Pays $970,000 to Trump’s Company for Room Rentals


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After Trump took office, the U.S government has paid the company of President Trump at least $970,000 including payments for more than 1,600 regular room rentals at Trump’s hotels and clubs, according to federal documents obtained by The Washington Post.

The Post has been cataloguing yet another $340,000 in these payments since March. Almost all of them were linked to trips Trump, his family and his high officials had taken. The government is not believed to have paid at its hotels for accommodation for Trump and his family members, although it has paid to protect the president for staff and Secret Service officers.

The payments establish an extraordinary commercial partnership between the private company of the president and his government — which started in the first month of Trump’s presidency and continued to display records during this year. According to a Post report, the documents reveal that taxpayers have already paid for the equivalent of nightly rentals for more than four years at Trump properties, including 950 nights at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, NJ, and 530 nights at the president’s Mar-a – Lago Club in Florida.

Trump Refrains from Providing Tax Details

Trump still owns his company, though he says his eldest sons have been granted day-to-day control. Last year, Eric Trump said when government officials tour Trump properties with the president, they ‘re paying “like 50 bucks.” But there were no cases of such a low rate in the 1,600 room rentals investigated by The Post.

Rather, the lowest room rate in a four-room cottage in Bedminster was $141.66 per night, for each seat. For rooms, at Mar-a-Lago the highest rate was $650 per night. The Post asked Trump Organization to provide an example where it had paid a rate small enough for the government to suit the argument of Eric Trump. The firm did not respond.

After taking office, Trump has viewed his own properties 250 times — but not since March 8, as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered several Trump properties and engulfed his presidency. Neither the Trump Organization nor Trump administration gives a full report of how much taxpayer money pays to Trump’s companies since the 2017 Inauguration Day.

Government Spends Money on Collecting Data

The Post sought to assemble its own reports using hundreds of thousands of government spending information collected from requests for public records. The Post also received new spending data from the Defense and State departments in recent weeks and recently announced Secret Service spending data in 2019 and 2020. Yet the data is incomplete. Yet it makes it clear that Trump’s own administration has received an extraordinary number of payments.

Until Trump, former vice president Joe Biden, as per documents and interviews. It is with a staff of former presidents and vice presidents. It is the only recent president or vice president to charge rent to his own secret service protectors. Biden, now a potential Democratic foe of Trump in the 2020 election. It paid rent for a cottage near his Delaware house. The rent, at the time reported in public spending reports, totalled $171,600 over six years.

On March 17, 2017, Trump’s company surpassed that number, documents obtained by The Post show. He had been in office for just two months. Trump excludes from conflict of interest laws that prevent other federal employees. It is for steering government business to their private companies.

Trump Faces Legal Challenges

The Constitution forbids presidents from accepting any federal government benefits, beyond their salary. But Trump’s attorneys argue that supposes to forbid business transactions, such as hotel room rentals. The legal challenges facing Trump’s opponents are steadily going through the courts.

Furthermore, documents show hundreds of transactions have occurred where Trump is, in fact, both buyer and seller. The bills are by His company. They compensate by his government, with no public notice at the time.

Trump’s company has downplayed questions about such fees by claiming it only pays “at the expense” to the government.

To see if Trump’s company lives up to the professed norm. The Post gathered all available documents showing Trump’s company. It bills Trump’s government on room rentals. More than 1,600 nightly room rentals showed up in the search. They started off in Trump’s first month of office.

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