Uncle Trey – Heel Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Die remembered as a hero or live long become a villain
Stay humble, praise idols or get big enough to kill em
Brush the haters off your shoulders or let your shoulder grow a chip
My whole life I took the high road, you muhf*ckas can’t tell me shit
Tell niggas this my heel turn and in this game I roam and reign
So tip toe round this sleeping giant, fore I heel and toe on you niggas graves
I ain’t come to make new friends, I’m here to invoke fear
I’m boogeyman to you candymen, say my name once, I’ll appear
Pesci stay on his job, so tell them boys call it quits
My niggas gutter and we from the sewer, shred a nigga cause we with the shits
Subzero on my wrist, big hammer Shao Khan
You mortals challenging immortals into combat is funny to the god

[Chorus x2]
Y’all still talkin’ that bullshit, I’m here putcha on mute
Y’all all lookin’ type thirsty, I’m pullin’ up got juice
Y’all niggas all gon’ gon back down, my niggas all gon’ shoot
Y’all niggas lookin’ real stuck now, I’m here finna get loose

[Verse 2]
New drop, cops stopped, my pop or throw a nigga in a locked box
No dope, no Glock, know rights, kick rocks
But if I had a couple hollows, a few targets I’d send em in

Every Donald Trump, Darren Wilson, Dylan Roof, George Zimmerman
They wanna skin me for my skin
They hate to see a nigga win
None better, tell a friend
Where the women? Send em in
Bad bitches who I lust now
Fourth and inches, finna rush now
Doors confirming that I touched down
Flooring foreigns is a must now
Long way from the bus now
Yo main is my bust down
Tremain can’t be touched now
Niggas funny, I don’t trust clowns
Niggas hating, wanna fuss now
All that talking bout to hush now
All you rappers is my lunch now
Thanos snapped, you niggas dust now

[Chorus x2]

[Denzel Washington from Training Day]

“Unfortunately I doesn’t work that way, good guys they die first right?
The school kids, moms, family men, they’re the ones who catch the stray bullets in the noodle
To protect the sheep, you gotta catch the wolf and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf, you understand?”

More hoes showing me love now, said the young boy look cute
Yo bitch told me shit weak, gave her that wood like groot
Heard y’all fumbled y’all bag, damn, whole gang came to get loot
Y’all niggas looking real dead now, whole crew better get suits


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