Uncle Trey – P E $ C I Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Who you niggas listen to?
Name another and the difference in between the two
Can you really? Ain’t nobody individual
Well I’m here, everybody else invisible
I don’t see y’all‚ can’t see me
All my role models blind‚ couldn’t lead me
I ain’t lookin’ at these niggas on the TV
Turn it off till I turn it on and see me
5’5 nigga‚ still big homie
I’m the cable for the gas, big bills on me
Landlord of my city, can’t a muhf*cka live unless approved by the committee
Pay homage nigga rent due
Yeah I’m taking back the swag that we lent you
And my man got heat and utilities
He’ll evict you from ya seat and ya jewelry

[Chorus x2]
My crew‚ made men
I’m on, they win
Ain’t no, new friends
Mob ties‚ loose ends

[Verse 2]
Stand up nigga tryna’ get paid
But 9-5’s where the 99 get played
So what’s a nigga gotta lose?
The devil’s offer’s getting harder to refuse

None better, no contest
Call me Pesci but only the bars complex
An academic still down for the stupid shit
So cross me and that’s something that my crew should fix
Tell these other niggas that’s that
Tryna’ give the real niggas bad raps
Callin’ up ya girl, where that ass at?
Callin’ for the work, where the cash at?
Have it asap
Rush the game, face covered in a wave cap
Said I’m comin’ for it all, this is payback
Heard you once, you will never get a playback

[Chorus x2]

What’s funny? I amuse you?
Well I’m laughing to the bank, I’m amused too
I see to it that every bar is C-2
With ease too and every broad I breeze through
Can be excused, I send em home with knees bruised
A flee dude, forever till I decease dude
I speak flu, I’m moving with an elite crew
A beast dude, kill em, never I cease to

[Chorus x2]

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