University of California Calls off ACT and SAT Exam for New Students

University of California Calls off ACT and SAT Exam for New Students


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High school students seeking to join the University of California program no longer need to think about standardized tests. On Thursday the university system announced that incoming students would not have to take the ACT or SAT to be eligible for admission for the next four years.

As per a statement on its portal, the board of regents of the University of California unanimously voted to suspend the criteria for SAT / ACT admissions for incoming fresheners until fall 2024.

If a new test does not meet the expectation in time for admission in fall 2025, the school said it would abolish the standardized testing requirement for students in California.

UC campuses will be able to determine for autumn 2021 and autumn 2022 whether they want to include ACT / SAT test scores for applicant consideration. Campuses will adhere to “test-blind” admissions for the next two years, during which campuses are not allowed to consider test scores for public and independent high school applicants in California. Beginning in autumn 2021, UC will abolish the need for the examinations’ writing portions completely. It is a replacement test is not available in time for fall 2025. Also, high school students in California will still be able to forgo standardized tests.

SAT Exam Costs $49.50 or $64.50

Standardized examinations accuse of alleged bias. It is towards those who come from communities of low income. Also, those who identify as a person of colour. The topic cites by many on Twitter after UC announces its decision.

The SAT costs $49.50, or $64.50 if students choose to take the writing part, as per the College Board website. Taking tests for specific subjects and for various services related to the test are also charges. The ACT has analogous pricing. UC has traditionally required students to submit results with their applications. It is for either the ACT or the SAT, including the writing portions.

A large number of test-takers were white in 2019. Also, most students who took their sophomore and junior years from the SAT exam were also white. And over two-fifths of test-takers “underserve” according to the ACT. Also, “tend to achieve lower levels of college and career readiness.”

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