US Space Force Unveils their Official Flag

US Space Force Unveils their Official Flag


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The US Space Force, the armed forces’ newest division, has unveiled their official flag. The flag made its debut in an Oval Office presentation Friday. Officials from the Department of Defense delivered the flag in what he called “a very special moment” to President Donald Trump, who also signed the 2020 Armed Forces Day proclamation.

According to the White House, the Space Force is the first new service and the corresponding flag of operation in more than 72 years. According to the chief of space operations Gen. John Raymond, there are 16,000 specialists assigned to the military branch.

According to the White House, the dark blue and white flag emblazons with “US Space Force” and Roman numerals MMXIX (2019) and shows a globe, a delta arm, an elliptical orbit, a white Polaris, two clusters of small stars and three bigger stars.

Flag Creates a Space in Defense Logistics Agency

The concept intends to reflect the vast outer space recesses, with the globe signifying the home of the Space Force fighters. The Delta Wing showing the relations of power with the US Air Force in symbolizing change and creativity. The elliptical orbit supposes to indicate security and safety, as well as collaboration. It is between agencies and allied alliances, and the white Polaris. It reflects the continuous vigilance of the military, the White House said.

The flag creates at the flag room of the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia by artists and craftspeople. Also, approval by Trump last January, the same month the seal unveils for the newest branch of government. The official unveiling is coming nearly two years after Trump orders the Defense Department. Also, the Pentagon to create a Space Force. They formally became the sixth army division last December. This is when Trump signs into law the annual National Defense Authorization Act. Also, declares that Raymond to be the first space operations leader.


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