Vandroya – Solar Night Lyrics

Radiant like sunshine
She came all dressed in white
Distant gaze and a necklace made of stone
So different from the dark night
Laying on the riverside
Standing there, calm and deadly cold
A sudden energy pulses to the sound of drums
And shadows dancing in the solar tone of love
Like a night that falls in love
With the brightness of the stars
Revealing carved secrets from their souls
It never goes down, so she begs for the dawn
Feeling her tired hands getting numb
Over the hills, far away from her domains

She hears the calling song
“Oh, solar night painting our skies
With a different kind of blue
If every night is a blue night
And I pulse in order to find you
Bring back that night again”
I’m calling you, hear me calling
I’m waiting for my rising sun
There comes the night capturing all the lights
That she keeps as a secret in vain
She buries in earth and she jumps to beyond
In silent joyful pain
I’m falling – Dancing lights in the dark
I’m calling – Voiceless songs of the stars

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