Vocaloid – Black Rock Shooter Lyrics

Black Rock Shooter, Where have you gone to?
Can you hear my voice calling you?

How much louder or longer do I have to shout?
Can I stop crying for you? My eyes are closing
Come on, I can’t keep up anymore
My home is now gone, it’s faded into darkness

This dark path that was never exposed to the light
I believe I saw that shine from long ago
I’ll try to keep it there forever, til the day I die, can’t you see?
Tell me why?

Black Rock Shooter, with a happy memory
Of showing how easy and bright everything was
Black Rock Shooter, I can no longer move
Just one strike from the stars piercing the darkness, I shall give in

I had a suddend fright overwhelm me when I spoke “call for my name”
I wont get any further on this painful journey,
I want to break up the clear dusk sky to pieces

I can’t hold back these tears I’ve wanted to be seen for so long

“don’t look down’ they say to me
I wanted to represent the futures accomplishment, but I understand it all
I will follow these beating heart of mine

Of course!

Black Rock Shooter – What is this fragrance?
It’s unbearable, it crushes my heart, to hear what your saying to me
Black Rock Shooter, you better get going!
Rock this world with all you got!

It wasn’t a secret, that you were here all along
To encourage me to the limit
This tiny lit flame
Decided not to run away anymore

Black Rock Shooter,  ill always be by your side
You can always cry infront of me, aloud
Black Rock Shooter,  wait and see
This is how it all began for me, can’t you?

If you somehow forget along the way
I’ll be sure to sing this to you

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