Vybz Kartel’s “With You” Producer Criticized Over Song Quality, Gaza Fans Raises Questions

Vybz Kartel’s new song, “With You,” is worthy of being a big hit, but the producer behind the single is coming under scrutiny from Gaza fans, overshadowing the track itself.

Vybz Kartel is truly one of dancehall’s most prolific deejays. He has been thrilling fans all over the world with hits from as far back as the early 2000s, with no signs of slowing down. However, as the 44-year-old gathers his bearing to drop what could be his best full-length project yet, there are questions surrounding the folks responsible for his productions, especially with him being tucked away in prison.

The latest release from Vybz Kartel’s camp titled “With You” forced questions about the readiness of the new producers in the game and how their work has shaped the sound of dancehall and Vybz Kartel’s most recent music.

One of the main reasons for the harsh outlook surrounding “With You” has to do with the unnatural skipping of the track while Vybz Kartel is delivering his rendition to his female fans. The abnormal inflictions occur more than once throughout the 2 minutes and 48 seconds of the song. Attention in the comments was immediately turned to the production team over the sound quality. It should be noted that this is not the first time around the ring for the production house, which has done work for other top Jamaican artistes such as Masicka, I-Octane, Nesbeth, Dexta Daps, Vershon, Busy Signal, among other acts. Furthermore, it has still not been confirmed if the inconsistency in the riddim track is as a result of oversight during production, or issues developed on Youtube’s platform.

The uncertainty of who or what is to be blamed did not stop fans from trashing the work of the new producers along with Vybz Kartel’s delivery as of late.

One fan wrote, “Whoever mix whoever made this beat is an idiot and they didn’t mix Kartel right.”

“Something nuh right yaso however as a Vybz day one mi ago ova yah a support but it needs care to sound like the addi innocent songs then it would really shot mi nah go gwan like it hot cause a mi General sing it… Am Out,” another chimed in.

“Who producing kartel?” asked another fan before namedropping some producers with whom he believes the Worl’boss has done some of his best work. “Miss so much when notnice, don corleon, anju di genius and Rusian produced him me seh Gaza from Costa Rica. but want Adi when he use to be recording with them fi real voice was mad and loud pon a well wuk.”

“Honestly mi ago talk mi mind..nuh care wah unnu say ..Mi miss eh old kartel when him song dem did timeless now song just a mek like ….this can play fi a week,” wrote another Gaza fan who shared similar sentiments.

The followup comment sided with the previous fan, “I agree when it comes to dancehall in 2020 in general, every artist ago thru this, that being said, this song nuh ready, no bias, Sweet Music did a horrible job mixing this. Vybz Kartel is still great but a just the truth.”

One person expressed that TJ Records should be at the helm of every Vybz Kartel project. However, that didn’t sit well with other participants of the thread.

“Not really, TJ ever since 2019 has not been consistent with the Kartel tracks him produced, the only one that got some sort of momentum was Scorched Earth, but the other recent ones under his name like “Incredible,” “Interview,” etc we’re average and never went no where, Mi honestly think Shabdon, attomatic, Shortboss Music, etc are better labels for him to be under and the mixing should definitely be made in charge by RedBoomSupamix,” mentioned one Gaza support.

Amidst the discussions of the quality of Kartel’s release, there were still comments from loyal Gaza supporters who confessed to hitting the like button before listening. Gaza fans are patiently awaiting June 26, 2020, when Kartel will silence his critics and hopefully snag a spot in the contentions for a Grammy.

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