Wavves – Help is on the Way

Band’s seventh record ‘Hideaway’ is due to land via Fat Possum Records on Friday, 16th July. The nine-track record will be “brief, but impactful”, according to the official press release. Here is the first single off the new record called “Help is on the way”.

If I gotta stay
In one world
I’m gonna pick the one with the most surprises
Nothings gonna stay okay
I’m getting used to it
I’m making changes

See there’s nothing to it,
Except the shit you bring
Keep on fighting with the devil never changes

Help is on the way.
Help is on the way.

I gotta get away
From the things that mean to bring me pain
The snakes they don’t surprise me
It’s a heavy burden
Hiding hate away
It’s like a river wants to drown drown me

And then the dam breaks
I’m out the flood gates
I’m gonna let the water carry me away now

Help is on the way.
Help is on the way.

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