What Quarantine? Cardi B Gets The Most Painful Bikini Wax Leaving Fans Confused

Cardi B ain’t too fussed about social distancing based on her latest video on the ‘gram.

Coronavirus has been tough on everybody — not least of all those who are used to getting their hair and nails done. Recommendations that people stay 6 feet apart from one another means that things like going to the beauty salon have become impossible as we don’t know anyone with arms that long. Cardi B is not unfamiliar with the struggle as during a recent chat with former US Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, she remarked on the state of his “quarantine nails”. In the same discussion, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper expressed how frightened she is to go out with COVID-19 roaming about, but she seems to have since changed her tune…

Despite saying just two weeks ago, “As much as I want to go outside — cause I want to be outside for the summertime… I just don’t feel like it’s safe to go outside.” Cardi has now posted a video of herself to her Instagram Story of her having a bikini wax! The 27-year-old appeared to be having the treatment in her house, and although she was masked up, there was no social distancing going on as she held an ungloved hand of someone beside her with her own ungloved hand as she squealed in pain.

Fans were also appalled at how Cardi B was wearing her mask, saying there is no way that she was being protected. While the placement of the camera made it impossible to see what the wax therapist was wearing, we hope her mask was better placed.

Users on social media have commented that lockdown appears to have a different meaning for some and that Cardi B is putting the health of her family at risk, while others have expressed her envious they are as they are dying to resume their own beauty treatments.

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Let’s keep #cardib in our prayers ?

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