Willie The Kid – Egregious Lyrics

The beast should be found within oneself (Oneself)
If you do have [?] within yourself
You can't find the beast [?]

[Verse 1]
Uh [?]
Yuh, yuh
Yellow bubble coat like I'm Biggie Smalls
My bitch racially ambiguous and conspicuous
I'm in a blue Benz, spic and span, spent some bands
Three-card molly, pick a hand, black car
Discussin' business in my backyard, I'm back at it
These f*ckin' bastards, flabbergasted, flappin' they gums

When in question, I side with the rules
If you live by the cheers, you die by the booze
Accountable, I need a [?], unsurmountable
To play the mountains in Malibu
Promiscuous women, mispronouncing menu items
Persimmon chutney, I shuckle
But never shuck and jive for no money
Pride, envy, greed, lust, the gluttony
The fast life, it ends abruptly

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