Wuhan Draws Up Plans to Test All 11 Million Residents

Wuhan Draws Up Plans to Test All 11 Million Residents


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Wuhan Plans to Test All Citizens: The Chinese town of Wuhan is drawing up plans for Covid-19, state media report, to test its entire population of 11 million people.

The program appears to be in its early stages, and all districts in Wuhan have been asked to send information about how testing should be performed within 10 days.

It comes after six new cases reported over the weekend at Wuhan, where the virus first emerged.

Before that, it had never seen any new cases since 3 April.

Wuhan city was in strict lockdown for 11 weeks, reopened on 8 April.

It looked like life was returning to normal for a while as schools reopened, industries gradually appeared and operations resumed in public transport. But the appearance of a cluster of cases-all of them from the same residential complex-has now undermined normalization.

The Ten-Day-Battle

Every district in the city told to draw up a 10-day test plan by noon on Tuesday, according to The Paper’s report, quoting a widely circulated internal document.

Each district is responsible for drawing up its own plan based on the size of its population and whether the district is currently experiencing an active outbreak or not.

The document also states that older people and heavily populated areas will be given priority when it comes to testing, referring to the test plan as the “10-day battle.”

However, several senior health officials quoted by the Global Times newspaper suggested that it would be impractical and expensive to test the entire city.

Peng Zhiyong, director of the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University intensive care unit, instead of testing targeted at medical staff, elderly people, and others in close contact with a case.

Another director of Wuhan University indicated that a significant percentage of Wuhan’s population (around 3-5 million) was already tested, and Wuhan was “capable” of testing the remaining 6-8 million in 10 days.

To put the goal in perspective, according to the White House, the US is now performing about 300,000 tests every day. Altogether nearly 9 million people screened so far.

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People have been raising concerns on Chinese social media platform Weibo as to whether such a large number of experiments can be carried out in just a matter of days.

“So many people cannot be tested,” said one presenter, who also asked how much it would cost.

Another said such tests should have been performed before Wuhan opened his doors to the rest of China again.

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