Xavier Wulf – Don’t Touch That Remote Lyrics

We smokin' heavy (We smokin' heavy)
We kickin' back (We kickin' back)
It's gettin' late (It's gettin' late)
I text her back (Text her back)
"What's the deal? Can we chill?" Tell her "yeah" (Tell her "yeah")
I'm sippin' sizzurp like my partner Crunchy Black (Crunchy Black)
I watch Adult Swim, bitch, turn that back (turn that back)
I kicked her out just because she did that (did that)
I'm in Asian kitchen watchin' Sam Jack (Sam Jack)
I did it better than whoever on the map (on the map)

I'm sick and tired of rappers droppin' whack tracks (nigga)
I'm gettin' tired of suckas lyin' bout they stacks (nigga)
Why you mad? Ain't my fault you in the trap (nigga)
Why he sad? Ain't my fault she don't want him back (nigga)

You need to chill
I'm for real
It ain't worth it
Don't get killed
Know your place
Know your field
You can't compare
I'm too skilled
Bitch I'm known to put a sucka to the dirt, make him hurt
I give no f*ck 'bout none of you niggas or what you worth, I'm in Perth
With a bitch, tryna let me up her skirt, I need church
Imma flirt, and I'm always on the search, huh
We smokin' heavy
We kickin' back
It's gettin' late
I text her back
"What's the deal? Can we chill?" Tell her "yeah"
Only if you gotta ounce on the sack
She like Adult Swim, I can deal with that
She like to cook, that's a rare artifact
She roll a hundred blunts while I take a nap
Hollow Squad came, and now they runnin' back

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