Xenobiotic – He Who Dwells In Grime Lyrics

Subterranean banishment
A purpose of fear that dwells beneath the earth
The cries of the immortal realm
Call to me to bring you back home

The bittersweet succulent taste of souls
A pungent flavour to the senses
A pitiful sound, a wail of weakness
Disgust brought forth from the depths

The voices that follow you will be forever embedded until your demise
Unknown is the figure that lurks and will stalk you so swiftly deep into the night
Run while you still can, I know exactly where you can be found
Forever beware He who dwells in grime

Brought back from the wastelands

To wonder through aeons of cold
Vicious thoughts surround you
The ones found in your dreams

You think your fire will save you now?
You feel the coldness I bring?

The day of doom has come at last
The worms, they dance to the sounds of my song
So sensual is the poison that fills up your lungs
Centuries of torment wait for you
Oh won’t you join me, so deep beneath the swamp?

So be prepared demons invade
The unspoken be their name
The sound of footsteps slither up from behind
Forever beware He who dwells in grime

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