Xenobiotic – Nether II: Hindsight Lyrics

As shadows dance around my vessel
In the lightless nether
I wait to find the endless oceans of the eternal dead

Oh angel of liberation, take me
Take me to where the bodies lay to rot and waste away
As the untethered souls of the enslaved fly free

How now the oceans have swollen
Tainted, with the blood of the fallen

I see the flame whose light would keep away the demons
Whose warmth filled my blood with hope in the face of despair

Reflections, fragments of shattered scenes
Mere spectres, as smoke is spectral flame
I submerge in the blackened waters
I pray for the day the tides will rise

And extinguish the ember that clings to life

Throw me to the ocean floor
So that I may find peace
So that I may sleep

I saw the light leave your eyes as your lungs filled with sorrow
I watched you drown in the raging tides of misery
It should have been me

The wretched flame that burns my mind fills my bones with pain
Tethered to the curse of life, agony I can’t escape
As I stare into the face of the abyss, I lose the will to die

I can’t breathe, I can’t stop breathing

So fall the shards of a shattered mind

Take me to the place where I can see my friend again

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