Ygtut – Corner Stories Lyrics

[Verse 1: TUT]
Crackhead sitting on the corner, looking like he might be in need
Wondering if you could give him a little bit of cheese
For another crack rock and a little McDee’s
Oh, he gon’ get it
Remember sitting in my uncle kitchen, I was 8 though
Whippin up a lil something for the pesos
I was making pyramids out of legos
He was making sure his daughter ‘n’ them was straight though
Screaming mother f**k a cop, carl winslow
Louie colors with the motherf**kin tint, ho
Ran the trap like a gahdamn drive-thru
Slanging crack out the motherf**kin window
And a drive through, nigga gotta get bread
By any means my nigga
Motherf**k Feds, let’s get this cheese my nigga
Until we all fed, he started out with 9 niggas now they all dead
And the choir sings

Da da da daaaaa daaaaaa da
Da da da daaaaa

[Verse 2: TUT]
Young nigga posted on the corner
Posted with a pocket full of trees
See this shit cost a dub it ain’t got no sticks or seeds
And I can’t f**k with you if you ain’t got the fees
Shit I’ma get it
Nigga lets get lifted
We can get high tonight
And we gone jack that nigga that was flossin’ right?
Didn’t have no gun it was hard that night
Tried to jack a motherf**ker with a army knife
I gotta lay low
Made a trip up to the borough cause the ends low
I’m on the interstate with 10.5
Damn (whoop whoop)
There go Carl Winslow
Niggas ask me how I’m doing
Shit I’m f**ked up
But I still found a way to get the bucks up
Me and Rob in the place with our cups up
I’m in ya girlfriend still tryna get a nut up

Da da da daaaaa daaaaaa da
Da da da daaaaa

[Verse 3: Michael Da Vinci]
Crackhead standing on the corner
Night time staring at the trees
Feigning for a rock, she was over 6’3
Sharing dirty needles, arm looks so diseased
Lil kids run to the house in the driveway
Tarnished last game of hide and seek
1-2-3 smell the fumes from the weed
That the old heads lit down the street, got a nose for the seeds
High so good swear it’s all that she need
Should’ve past a week ago – shareek sheesh
Can I get a dolla’ from a fiend
Up and down the street
Walking looking at the heaps of the smoke from the porch
Look sexy to its schmit
Tryna reach the pyramid, slave for the queen
Niggas life of queens playing pricks in Corvettes
Fast lining, purple raining hoes make them wreck

Da da da daaaaa daaaaaa da
Da da da daaaaa

And this is to a new life
That shit ain’t even worth it my nigga
These f**kin’ rappers got y’all sent the f**k out
And before I begin
It’s the mu’f**kin’ House my nigga

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