Young Bleu Checks Tory Lanez For Remixing His Drake Song, Tory Respond

Yung Bleu and Tory Lanez but heads on IG over an unauthorized remix of a song.

Things got heated last night when Yung Bleu called out fellow artiste Tory Lanez for remixing his hit track “You’re Mines Still” without crediting him. In October, Yung Bleu was blessed with a feature from another Canadian superstar, Drake, and since then, the song has garnered much attention. What should have been a moment of respect turned into a battle of words, as both Bleu and Lanez expressed their feelings towards each other’s actions on social media.

Yung Bleu tweeted, “How u gone remix a ni**a song but act like I don’t exist and dnt show no love when u do it. Make it make sense.”

He also took to Instagram to continue speaking on just how he felt about Lanez’s actions. “Remixes cool but show love! Y’all Ni**as weird!@torylanez I reached out to you on some let’s work s$$t. U never responded tha’t cool! but u wanna remix my song and dnt even acknowledge a young ni**a tryna coming up. U rap ni**as be on some hoe sh*t. Ain’t no more biting my tongue! If u liked my song enough to remix it at least @ a young ni**a coming up. Show love! ni**a be acting scary ima come direct ain fenna subtweet sh_t.”

Tory Lanez landed a reply shortly after, in which he explained his admiration for Bleu’s music while calling for a proper meetup. “Crazy thing is…I love your music and your song, that’s why I remixed it..your an incredible artist… and I’ve been listening to yu since “unappreciated,” Tory wrote. “f you feel some sorta way, we can just talk like men over a phone and not social media. Love bro.”

@_YungBleu … crazy thing is … I love your music and your song , that’s why I remixed it .. your an incredible artist .. and I’ve been listening to yu since “Unappreciated” .. but if you feel some sorta way, we can just talk like men over a phone and not social media .Love bro

— Tory Lanez (@torylanez) February 12, 2021

Bleu had a major issue with Tory’s recommendation, as he recounted a few occasions in which he has tried to get a hold of the “Luv” singer.

“I can’t call u if I dnt have ur number g @torylanez! Ion wanna beef…I like the record actually! I just felt disrespected u just saw me at rolling loud tonight and ain’t say a word To me and I even performed the song u said u “Like”. when I took a pic with your artist. I go get in my sprinter and see you remixed my song and ain’t show love either. so ima real person I get offended. send your jack let’s talk men. It’s on u I’m leaving it alone tho but let’s not play victim gang ion never be on no clout shit.”

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“Tag me and ill put it back up ima real nigga @torylanez,” the young rapper instructed on Twitter. The conversation continued on social media, with Yung Bleu uploading a video instructing Tory that the track would be taken down since no recognition was provided.

“Man hey look I hope it ain’t take you long to record that song. I hope you ain’t spen no lotta money 12 hours in studio recording that song Cause as soon as you upload that.. or Youtube… that its gonna come straight down you so uh go get your money back go get a refund go get a receipt bwoy you didn’t tag me yuh didn’t show love…”

Not long after, Tory uploaded a video of himself and the singer, which ultimately signified the end of any sort of beef between the two.

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“Now I officially am gonna tag him on anything I ever do ever in life. Now we here we just made a hit, we gonna keep making hits we not gonna switch from being positive cause we don’t need no more beefing over stupid…..we here..,” Tory declared.

It’s definitely good to see that this misunderstanding was not amplified into anything worst. Perhaps we’ll even be getting some new music from the two men in the future.

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